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Visa information

We have many years experance of helping our clients to obtain the nessasary visas required to relocate to the United States, we have found over the last few years that the whole process has got very specilist so we have selected a well respected associate that has both UK and US based offices.

Our UK based visa associates Govoni International Ltd are a well-established consultancy, providing a wide range of accountancy and visa consulting services to
our UK based clients. They specialise in providing an integrated “team approach” to emigration; utilising the expertise of their United States affiliates, Govoni Properties and Investments, Inc.*, to source visa qualified business investments, and Govoni Management Services, Inc, to provide tax planning, accountancy, and transition consulting services after the sale. With integrity as the cornerstone of their practice, they also utilise several specialist third-party accountancy firms to conduct pre-purchase due-diligence and records verification when conflicts of interest arise as a result of their participation as both broker and advisor.

It is our firm belief that with our associates we bring a truly unique approach to the
visa motivated business investment process; focusing first and foremost on the investment, not the visa. With over fifteen years relevant accountancy and deal making experience gained through the completion of countless purchase and sale transactions, they recognise that securing a visa is not the goal; keeping one is. Accordingly, they consistently strive to match our clients desires and goals with
sound business investments that will afford both business continuity and financial security.

The co ordination of their resources throughout the Govoni network of companies ensures the delivery of our goal…“Clients first – always!”. They are dedicated to ensuring you receive accurate information, not to simply bombard you with mountains of paper that you don't really need. Their bespoke approach will ensure you receive help and guidance on the processes relevant to you as an individual.

Should you require further assistance – please do not hesitate to contact us personally to discuss how we may be of assistance.